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Posted by danarif on Jun - 22 - 2013 with 1 Comment

Hanoi can get really cold if you visit it during winter. Although the temperature was only 10-15 degree celcius, it is really cold! Why ? Firstly because it is damp  [ Read More ]

Posted by danarif on Apr - 6 - 2013 with 3 Comments

I visited Hanoi last January and it was winter at that time. We opted to stay around the Old Quater area in downtown Hanoi and choosed The Little Hanoi Diamond  [ Read More ]

Posted by danarif on Mar - 15 - 2013 with 5 Comments

**This post is written in Malay** Musim sejuk yang lalu, aku berkesempatan menjejakkan kaki ke bandaraya Hanoi, di utara Vietnam. Secara jujurnya aku tidak menyangka cuaca di Hanoi ketika itu  [ Read More ]