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Last month I travelled to Turkey and Saudi Arabia for nearly 3 weeks. Due to the fact that we flew with Qatar Airways, we have to do a transit at  [ Read More ]

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Experience traveling WithLocals During my trips, I usually try find ways to maximize my travel experience. Recently I found one unique website that is very useful to enhance our travel  [ Read More ]

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Since 6 years ago, traveling has been a great friend of mine. Since the day I fell in love with traveling, I’ve managed to collect more than 50 stamps on  [ Read More ]

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I was browsing through my photo collection last night when the idea of sharing photos of Malaysia suddenly popped out. Malaysia has many beautiful places to offer in terms of  [ Read More ]

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**This post is written in Malay Sambungan dari sini Seperti yang diberitahu dalam entri sebelum ini, untuk entri kali ini aku telah menemubual beberapa orang ‘travelholic’ dari Malaysia untuk berkongsi  [ Read More ]

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**This entry is written in Malay** Pemakanan merupakan satu elemen yang penting dalam sesuatu pengembaraan. Bagi pengembara Muslim, mencari makanan halal di sesuatu tempat tidaklah semudah yang disangka. Mungkin tidak  [ Read More ]

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Perth is the capital city and also the largest city in Western Australia. Perth is pretty much a quiet and peaceful city compared to other major cities in Australia such  [ Read More ]

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I just love to take photos of the sun setting over the horizon! Every time I go on a trip, would try my best not to miss the sunset unless  [ Read More ]

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Fremantle is a harbor city located south of Perth in the Western Australia region. Some said that it is a suburb of Perth but I found it as a city  [ Read More ]

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Phi Phi Island or known as Koh Phi Phi to the locals, is situated in the Andaman Sea between Phuket and Krabi in Southern Thailand. It is divided into two  [ Read More ]

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I love to watch travel related movies when I have some free time. This pretty much inspires me to travel the world. Here I’m compiling my small list of movies  [ Read More ]