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Posted by danarif on Sep - 22 - 2014 with 10 Comments

Nearly 5 months since my last update… now am currently busy with Kaki Travel At last I’ve managed to compile a video of our honeymoon trip to Turkey last January.  [ Read More ]

Posted by danarif on Aug - 28 - 2013 with 11 Comments

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Currently a bit busy preparing for a big event. Last April, I was in Guilin & Yangshuo with a few #TravelholicAwesome members. The  [ Read More ]

Posted by danarif on Jul - 23 - 2013 with 2 Comments

As you can read in the previous post, I was at the Rainforest World Music Festival 2013 in Sarawak last month. Below is the video by Elmi Elmo summarizing our  [ Read More ]

Posted by danarif on Apr - 15 - 2013 with 11 Comments

A fortnight ago, I revisited Indonesia’s most popular holiday destination, Bali. The last time I step foot in the island was 2 years ago. This time my trip was a  [ Read More ]

Posted by danarif on Mar - 11 - 2013 with 18 Comments

I was in Singapore last month for a very short trip. Inspired by the photos from Chawanna’s blog, I decided to check out the Gardens by the Bay to witnesed  [ Read More ]

Posted by danarif on Oct - 15 - 2012 with 6 Comments

Yet another opportunity to participate in #TSDayOut by Tourism Selangor. To be honest, I lost count on how many TSDayOut I had been to before. Full story about the event  [ Read More ]

Posted by danarif on Sep - 30 - 2012 with 23 Comments

photo taken in Hoi An ancient town Yet another attempt to make a travel video. Recently I was in Vietnam, somewhere in central part. I was traveling with my bro,  [ Read More ]

Posted by danarif on Sep - 9 - 2012 with 14 Comments

Malaysia celebrated it’s 55th year of independence last week. We got invited by Chawanna for a Raya Open House at their place on the eve of 31st August 2012. We  [ Read More ]

Posted by danarif on Jul - 21 - 2012 with 38 Comments

I was with #TravelholicAwesome members for an escape to Redang Island last week. The 3 days getaway was full of fun activities! Here’s a short video which summarizes the trip.  [ Read More ]

Posted by danarif on May - 6 - 2012 with 4 Comments

Recently I was in Karimunjawa, a group of islands off the coast of central Java, Indonesia. Was only there for 2 nights and that’s after it was extended. The original  [ Read More ]

Posted by danarif on Mar - 24 - 2012 with 8 Comments

Last weekend I got the opportunity to participate in the #TSDayOut event to Kuala Selangor organized by Tourism Selangor. For those who don’t know, #TSDayOut is a hashtag for a  [ Read More ]

Posted by danarif on Mar - 17 - 2012 with 2 Comments

I just got back from Australia, Western Australia to be exact. At the time of my visit, Perth city and its neighboring region were hit by a heatwave. With tempretures  [ Read More ]