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Posted by danarif on Jun - 22 - 2013 with 1 Comment

Hanoi can get really cold if you visit it during winter. Although the temperature was only 10-15 degree celcius, it is really cold! Why ? Firstly because it is damp  [ Read More ]

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I visited Hanoi last January and it was winter at that time. We opted to stay around the Old Quater area in downtown Hanoi and choosed The Little Hanoi Diamond  [ Read More ]

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**This post is written in Malay** Musim sejuk yang lalu, aku berkesempatan menjejakkan kaki ke bandaraya Hanoi, di utara Vietnam. Secara jujurnya aku tidak menyangka cuaca di Hanoi ketika itu  [ Read More ]

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This is the last episode of my central Vietnam adventure. After finished touring the Marble Mountain, we hop on our rented bikes and headed towards Hai Van pass. Hai Van  [ Read More ]

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From the ancient town of Hoi An, we proceeded our journey towards Da Nang, the city that we arrived on the first day.  The transport from Hoi An to Da  [ Read More ]

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Marble Mountains was one of the place that we stopped by during our stay in Da Nang. It is a group of limestone formations which is located about 10 kilometers  [ Read More ]

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I woke up as early as 4.30 am that day, with the intention of enjoying the sunrise at My Son Sanctuary. Unfortunately it rained heavily that morning. We opted to  [ Read More ]

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As soon as it gets dark in Hoi An, we left our hotel and head towards the ancient town. Sunshine Hotel provides free bicycles for their guests so we decided  [ Read More ]

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Sunshine Hotel, Hoi An – Vietnam I stayed one night in this hotel during my journey in Central Vietnam. Known as Sunshine hotel or Khach San Anh Duong by the  [ Read More ]

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photo taken in Hoi An ancient town Yet another attempt to make a travel video. Recently I was in Vietnam, somewhere in central part. I was traveling with my bro,  [ Read More ]

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It rained heavily as our Air Asia flight safely landed at Da Nang International airport. It was actually my first time setting foot in this country. To my surprise, the  [ Read More ]