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Posted by danarif on Oct - 19 - 2012 with 2 Comments

It was a nice bright Saturday morning and I was attending another #TSDayOut event by Tourism Selangor. This time the destination was Asian Water Sports Village, yet another thrilling activity  [ Read More ]

Posted by danarif on Oct - 15 - 2012 with 6 Comments

Yet another opportunity to participate in #TSDayOut by Tourism Selangor. To be honest, I lost count on how many TSDayOut I had been to before. Full story about the event  [ Read More ]

Posted by danarif on Sep - 25 - 2012 with 32 Comments

I was in Ipoh last weekend with my girlfriend. The week before, while I was in Vietnam, she and a few other #TravelholicAwesome members already explored some great locations around  [ Read More ]

Posted by danarif on Sep - 9 - 2012 with 14 Comments

Malaysia celebrated it’s 55th year of independence last week. We got invited by Chawanna for a Raya Open House at their place on the eve of 31st August 2012. We  [ Read More ]

Posted by danarif on Aug - 12 - 2012 with 25 Comments

We arrived at Kuala Terengganu bus station with the intention of continuing our journey towards Redang Island. It was still early in the morning, thus our driver suggested for us  [ Read More ]

Posted by danarif on Jul - 21 - 2012 with 38 Comments

I was with #TravelholicAwesome members for an escape to Redang Island last week. The 3 days getaway was full of fun activities! Here’s a short video which summarizes the trip.  [ Read More ]

Posted by danarif on Jul - 12 - 2012 with 12 Comments

It was actually my 3rd #TSDayOut outing with Tourism Selangor. Lucky me this time it was a special edition one, experiencing the Quad Bike or All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) ride  [ Read More ]

Posted by danarif on May - 5 - 2012 with 10 Comments

A fortnight ago, I tagged along with the #TravelholicAwesome members for a road trip to explore the town of Taiping, northern of Perak. So basically it’s #TravelholicAwesome members + Dan  [ Read More ]

Posted by danarif on May - 3 - 2012 with 2 Comments

Recently I got the chance to visit the Mah Meri tribe village in Kampung Bumbun, Carey Island. Actually I’ve never heard of this tribe just until a few years ago.  [ Read More ]

Posted by danarif on Mar - 24 - 2012 with 8 Comments

Last weekend I got the opportunity to participate in the #TSDayOut event to Kuala Selangor organized by Tourism Selangor. For those who don’t know, #TSDayOut is a hashtag for a  [ Read More ]

Posted by danarif on Feb - 26 - 2012 with 1 Comment

Inspired by the “No Pants Subway” event in New York, Random Alphabets (RA), a non-profit organization has organized an event called Keretapi Sarong yesterday. Keretapi Sarong means “Sarong Train” if  [ Read More ]

Posted by danarif on Jan - 9 - 2012 with 5 Comments

A few years back, I don’t even know that Broga hills exist although it is just an hour drive from KL city center. Apparently I came to know it from  [ Read More ]