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Posted by danarif on Dec - 27 - 2013 with 12 Comments

So here we are, the end of the year again. Firstly I would like to apologize for the lack of updates from August to December as I was busy preparing  [ Read More ]

Posted by danarif on Jul - 10 - 2013 with 2 Comments

and the holy month of Ramadan begins.. Wishing all my Muslim readers and friends a blessed Ramadan month

Posted by danarif on Jul - 5 - 2013 with 1 Comment

  So #TravelholicAwesome are off to the land of Mahsuri this time. Stay tune for updates on our twitter, facebook & instagram!. Selendangmu mengibar di pantai menyambut tetamu pulau setiamu  [ Read More ]

Posted by danarif on Jun - 24 - 2013 with 1 Comment

AirAsia is running yet another promotion. With all-in fares starting from RM49 for international flights, it looks like a good deal to me.Those who have plans to travel between August  [ Read More ]

Posted by danarif on May - 25 - 2013 with 2 Comments

A few days back, I attended an evening cocktail session organized by Royal Brunei Airlines (RB) with RaW & Farah at Hotel Istana. The event was held in conjunction with  [ Read More ]

Posted by danarif on Mar - 16 - 2013 with 10 Comments

Since 6 years ago, traveling has been a great friend of mine. Since the day I fell in love with traveling, I’ve managed to collect more than 50 stamps on  [ Read More ]

Posted by danarif on Mar - 10 - 2013 with 18 Comments

The Malaysian International Tourism Bloggers Confenrence &  Awards (MITBCA) was recently held on the 6th March 2013. The event took part in Kuala Lumpur Convention Center (KLCC) and was attended  [ Read More ]

Posted by danarif on Feb - 12 - 2013 with 14 Comments

From Malaysia to the world is currently in the running for Malaysia International Tourism Bloggers Conference & Awards 2013 (MITBCA2013), organized by the Ministry of Tourism, Malaysia. From Malaysia to  [ Read More ]

Posted by danarif on Dec - 31 - 2012 with 20 Comments

Again it’s the end of the year. I’ve been busy lately, with a lot of work trips. 2012 has been amazing for me. Just like last year, I’m listing up  [ Read More ]

Posted by danarif on Dec - 6 - 2012 with 12 Comments

**This entry is written in Malay** Pemakanan merupakan satu elemen yang penting dalam sesuatu pengembaraan. Bagi pengembara Muslim, mencari makanan halal di sesuatu tempat tidaklah semudah yang disangka. Mungkin tidak  [ Read More ]

Posted by danarif on Nov - 29 - 2012 with 4 Comments

This is actually the first time I’m running a contest on this blog. Thank you to all those who had submitted their entry. So here are the answers : Photo  [ Read More ]

Posted by danarif on Nov - 26 - 2012 with 12 Comments

[CONTEST ENDED] Good day! I have 2 Legoland Malaysia tickets with me right now. So I’m running this small and easy contest to giveaway the tickets to you. How to  [ Read More ]