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Since the first day I touch down in Shanghai and saw the city skyline, the unique design of the Oriental Pearl Tower was the first thing that caught my eye.  [ Read More ]

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After touring Disneyland the previous day, we headed to Ngong Ping 360 to take the cable car or gondola ride and see the giant Buddha statue. The ticket line was  [ Read More ]

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Dining is one of the important parts of traveling. For Muslims, finding halal food when traveling isn’t always as easy. Traveling to major cities normally wouldn’t give that much problem  [ Read More ]

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It used to be the place where the olden Chinese Qing dynasty emperor spends his summer time, but nowadays it has become a major tourist attraction in Beijing. Finding myself  [ Read More ]

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A few months back, I was in South Korea and was fortunate to get the chance to visit the DeMilitarized Zone (DMZ). It is actually the border between the two  [ Read More ]

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Madame Tussauds, the wax museum, is one of the famous attractions around the world. It was actually founded by a French wax sculpture, Marie Tussaud in the 18th century in  [ Read More ]

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When I was in Beijing, I did walk through this one food market nearby Wangfujing road, the infamous shopping place in the city. At first I thought it was some  [ Read More ]

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When I was in Shanghai, I had the chance to board the world’s fastest train, The Maglev train. Maglev actually means magnetic levitation where the train doesn’t use any wheels.  [ Read More ]

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The world expo is an event held around the world which gives opportunity for countries to promote their country & culture to the world. It is also known as the  [ Read More ]