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Posted by danarif on Aug - 25 - 2012 with 3 Comments

When I visited Korea, I was really on a tight budget. Therefore I had to opt for hostels instead of nice hotels. After I got recommendation from a friend, I  [ Read More ]

Posted by danarif on Jun - 16 - 2012 with 14 Comments

It was summer, and I found myself in Seoul, Korea. After touring the De-Militarized Zone (DMZ) at the border between the two Korean countries, we head for the city. Although  [ Read More ]

Posted by danarif on Dec - 3 - 2011 with 20 Comments

Dining is one of the important parts of traveling. For Muslims, finding halal food when traveling isn’t always as easy. Traveling to major cities normally wouldn’t give that much problem  [ Read More ]