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Perth is the capital city and also the largest city in Western Australia. Perth is pretty much a quiet and peaceful city compared to other major cities in Australia such  [ Read More ]

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On my 2nd day in Perth, Australia, I visited the Caversham Wildlife Park. This wildlife park is situated inside the Whiteman Park area, about 30 minutes away from Perth City.  [ Read More ]

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During my stay in Auckland, apart from the Sky Tower, I also got the chance to visit Kelly Tarlton’s Antartic Encounter & Underwater World. I’ve been to a few aquariums  [ Read More ]

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Fremantle is a harbor city located south of Perth in the Western Australia region. Some said that it is a suburb of Perth but I found it as a city  [ Read More ]

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**This post is written in Malay** Ini adalah entri pertamaku dalam Bahasa Malaysia. Bukan berniat untuk mengubah haluan tapi hati ini tiba-tiba tergerak untuk menulis dalam bahasa kebangsaan. Aku dan  [ Read More ]

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With outside temperatures rising to nearly 40 degree, we decide to find an indoor activity to do where we visited the Aquarium of Western Australia (AQWA). AQWA is situated nearby  [ Read More ]

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I just got back from Australia, Western Australia to be exact. At the time of my visit, Perth city and its neighboring region were hit by a heatwave. With tempretures  [ Read More ]

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Auckland, situated in the north island of New Zealand, is the largest city of the country. During my stopover in Auckland last time, I got the opportunity to visit the  [ Read More ]

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Known as the world’s famous adrenaline junkies playground, Queenstown provides lots of activities that will make you feel your adrenaline rush! During my stay in this peaceful town with scenic  [ Read More ]

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A trip to Queenstown is not complete if you don’t take a ride on the Queenstown Skyline, a gondola or cable car ride that would get you up the hill  [ Read More ]

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Have you ever wonder how’s life in prison would be? If you feel like experiencing the prison life, get yourself arrested at the Old Melbourne Gaol. It is an old  [ Read More ]

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Finding myself in the peaceful town of Queenstown during summer was indeed a great experience. Queenstown was said to be one of New Zealand’s pride with the scenic Lord of  [ Read More ]